Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Today I had a little jaunt to London's premiere birding destination: Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The objective was to film a juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull and anything else of interest. I met up with the legend Des McKenzie (inner-London recorder and all round good egg), and we trogged off - Des helpfully carrying all my heavy gear.

The LBBG's were all loafing around the rowing boats in the middle of the Serpentine, but Des duly sorted that out with liberal application of stale bread. Lots of filming was done, and I should perhaps view the results later. I have to confess to being utterly rubbish at filming flying birds, but I did my best. It was much easier when the blighters were scoffing Crayfish and stale bread salad on the water.

I was pleased to see "Albert" still in residence (the local pied Blackbird). He's been there since at least 2005 disproving all theories about leucistic birds being less fit than normal ones. Also noted at least three Small Whites and a couple of Red Admirals, and plenty of hoarding going on by both Jays and Squirrels.

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