Friday, 19 September 2008

Large Coppers and Short-tailed Blues

I've had an exciting day today. I sortied to darkest Hampshire to meet with the wonderful Pete Eeles who runs the most marvellous website: I find this site totally invaluable and recommend it to everyone.

Pete is a butterfly wrangler. He grows livestock (all above board and pukka), and this gives me the opportunity to get footage of species that would otherwise incur airmiles and naughty carbon footprint. We had a lovely morning persuading Large Coppers to behave themselves and show all their sides. It turned out they were paragons of virtue. The Short-tailed Blues pinged off and had to be retrieved from the conservatory ceiling several times. I'm just ingesting the footage now and may post a little something to YouTube later.

On another note entirely I got my shiny, shiny new iPhone today. I may explode.

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