Saturday, 27 September 2008

The last butterfly?

Today the sun and relative heat was too good to resist and Max and I dived out on an attempt to finally find a Clouded Yellow. It's been a terrible year for butterflies - mostly due to the completely appalling weather. There have been barely any migrants, even Painted Ladies and Red Admirals are thin on the ground.

A trip to Sussex seemed in order. We met up with top butterflier Neil Hulme (East Sussex guru and finder of many a Brown Hairstreak). We scoured the downs for hours, and took some lovely Large White footage, and a wonderful seasonable Comma gorging itself on Blackberries (or Brambles as we call them in Scotland - I scoffed a few myself).

I attach a terrible phone-pic. I never have a proper camera on me. It's a disgrace I know.

So I find myself unaccountably sad and bereft. No butterflies for six whole months now - harbinger of winter. I shall have to do some editing!

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