Monday, 22 September 2008

Mothing and planning

On Saturday night Des McKenzie, Nick Tanner (another of the London birders establishment) and I met with Andy Culshaw and David Howdon over at Black Park. This is right next Pinewood Studios and has an excellent range of flora and fauna. It's the nearest thing we're going to get to proper heathland within the London Natural History Soc boundary anyway. We set two MV Skinners and an actinic heath trap.

Whilst setting up we had a Muntjac, and later on in the night I stumbled across a most excellent, huge Common Toad (neither of which I had the presence of mind to photograph). Mothing was relatively quiet. Oak Lutestring was by far the commonest species. I was rather impressed with a couple of Flounced Rustics. We also managed to catch two enormous Hornets. (I have to confess to being scared to death of the horrible critters).

So it's now Monday morning. I have my lovely webmaster coming to visit, along with a prospective member of staff(!). Im booked into blood donors later, and I'm trying to work out when I might manage a butterfly filming trip this week...

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