Friday, 26 September 2008


OK, so Fiona's shamed me into my first blog posting. Dave Dunford, BirdGuides webmaster, here.

I'm currently working on an exciting new development for the BirdGuides website, but if I told you what it was, I'd have to kill you. Oh, alright then, it's some fancy new features for our photo galleries. When I'm not doing that I've been helping with our ongoing quest to work out why certain ISPs seem determined to block our emails. We aren't spammers, honest guv. We've also been trying to work out, with the help of the good people at Claranet, why under certain circumstances our database server hasn't always been performing as well as it might. We think we've cracked it - reboot the firewall in the short term, and a firmware upgrade in the small hours will (they hope) stop the problem coming back. So if you're a night owl you might find the website is down for an hour or so around 1am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

It's been a long hard week. On Monday I made the London train with seconds to spare for a meeting with Fiona and the aforementioned new employee. Tuesday was mostly catching up on a backlog of emails (I had a few days off at the end of last week), and then Wednesday I was off again, this time to Dublin to discuss the gallery project with Technical Director John and our talented designer David Suttle ( Never been to Dublin before, and I can't say I saw much of it, apart from the inside of the airport. Much of Thursday was (as ever) taken up with compiling and checking the weekly newsletter (we don't just throw these things together, you know) and today I've finally been able to start working on some of the ideas we came up with on Wednesday. Looking forward to the weekend and a rest, though I'll have to check in briefly tomorrow to make sure the firewall upgrade hasn't caused any problems. Good birding folks.

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Max said...

Well done Dave... I'll see if I can beat Cromie to the post. Max++