Friday, 26 September 2008

That was the week that was

Yes - me again! It's been a funny old week. The prevailing easterlies dumped SO many birds on the UK it was a struggle to keep up. Interestingly autumn seems to have peaked two whole weeks earlier than last year. The quality of the Sibes arriving was tip-top, and some of them seem to have hung around enough to get their pictures into the galleries.

Behind the scenes I'm desperately beavering away on the 2009 catalogue. You wouldn't believe how much fiddling it takes. The rest of the team have been hard at work on our new "pro" galleries idea and battling horrid, horrid email problems. Take my advice, if you want to receive email from BirdGuides make sure you don't use btinternet or hotmail addresses. Both providers seem to think I'm peddling Viagra or similar.

So the weekend beckons. Forecast looks good. I may try and catch some Painted Ladies and a Clouded Yellow. Should really make an effort to film Yellow-browed Warbler too while there are so many of them around.

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