Monday, 29 September 2008


So I have a dilemma. We're just putting together our DVD Guide to British Birds (270 species edition). Most of the footage is on glorious HD stock - which even when it's compressed for everyone's bog-standard DVD player looks fab and sumptuous. However, the odd species slightly fell through the net. We turn therefore to Leach's Storm-petrel. Our current footage is a) old, b) filmed in a gale 8, c) 4:3 rather than 16:9, d) old, e) frankly horrible.

It's rapidly approaching Leach's season. Which means if the weather is truly foul and the wind is storming off the Atlantic there's a chance of getting Leach's close in at the likes of New Brighton. But there are no guarantees. If there's a proper wreck Leach's can turn up anywhere in the country, paddling confusedly around inland reservoirs wondering who shrunk the Atlantic.

My question is then, do I pile off to Lancashire first thing tomorrow or do I bide my time and hope for a wreck.

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