Wednesday, 22 October 2008

DVD authoring finally finished!

Hurrah! Double Hurrah! I've finally finished authoring the enormous 270 species DVD. Phew! I may be allowed back out into the sunlight. I'll try and attach one of the videos here.


The DVDs are unbelievably full. Disc 2 (Crakes through to Auks) I had to fiddle with to get everything shoehorned in. Disc 1 was pretty full too, but I had a slightly easier time with discs 3 and 4. Now I just need to re-author the 130 species edition and the horrible pre-Christmas rush tasks will be almost done.

I hope you all enjoy the SpotCrake. One of my favourite birds from the 270.


gwendolen said...

Excellent footage and commentary, Fiona. Well done!

Jahirul Islam said...
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