Friday, 28 November 2008

100,000 Order Number

Here at BirdGuides we are rapidily approaching our 100,000th order number - no mean feat, and an indicator of how popular our services and products are.

Anyhow, we are having a bit of a sweepstake in our offices in Sheffield & London, as to what date we'll hit the magical 100,000th order number. We've making a big thing of it, with a free Birds of the Western Palearctic DVD-ROM and a British Birds interactive DVD-ROM, valued at £199, to the customer who's order number is the magical 100,000!!

Our Christmas Elves have differing thoughts on the date - Elf Tony thinks we'll hit 100,000 on 10th December, Elf Andrew thinks the 7th and Packer Paul the 6th. I think the 9th, Fiona thinks the 8th. There's a lot riding on this - the stakes are high - £1 each!

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