Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fungus Foray

I am a member of the Selborne Society and it is a great privilege to take part in the many goings-on at Perivale Wood and Horsenden Hill. I moth there at least once a month, and it's some of the best birding to be had in West London. Yesterday there was a Fungus Foray - and despite the disgusting weather I trundled along. About a dozen people turned up - and we were led on a tour of the woods by Aleck Henrici who is a marvellous mycologist.

Well, I had no idea. What fun! I was seeing the wood in a whole new (and largely edible) light. We found dozens and dozens of fungi - from funny coral-types, through puff-balls, to the more familiar Wood Parasols and brackets (my favourite was an enormous Beefsteak). I particularly liked the Candle Snuffs and a King Alfred's Bun. VERY dangerous new obsession I think. There are thousands of species in the UK (and that's before you get into slimes and suchlike). I have enough trouble with birds and moths.

There's a most excellent fungus website called Rogers Mushrooms that I highly recommend. The picture is a Wood Blewit - and it really is blue! I'm told delicious - but someone else got their paws on it before I did.


gwendolen said...

LOL at the edible light. :-)
Thanks for the link to Rogers Mushrooms, it has recipes!

Fiona Barclay said...

I hadn't noticed the recipes! Fab. I fancy baked egg and Ink Cap...