Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Waxwing winter

I've been studying the bird news, and the Waxwing reports are coming in thick and fast. We had hardly any last year - so I'm looking forward to catching up with some. With the help of lovely Dave the webmaster: here's the BirdMap with the week's Waxwing reports.

I've grilled every Hawthorn and Cotoneaster in West London but I haven't found any of my own yet.

Funny week here - the 2009 catalogue appeared from the printers today - so there's a general feeling of the calm before the Christmas storm. I had an excellent meeting with David Lindo this morning. We have plans for an exciting media adventure - so are off out on a shoot (of the camera variety) on Sunday.

Dave (lovely webmaster) is chained to the desk doing hideous web page creation - which I'm dutifully testing on FireFox for mac, Opera, Safari and Flock. I'm learning a good deal more about CSS and HTML than I would really like (much to Dave's entertainment). The rest of the team are beavering on our new iPhone software which Max promises to blog about later in the week. We'll see.

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gwendolen said...

The shoot sounds fun. You will keep us up to tweet about it, I hope. :-)