Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Fancy a Shag?

Ok - I apologise for the risqué title. But I just HAVE to draw you attention to birdorable. Your Christmas shopping woes are officially over. Twitterworld has been buzzing for a couple of days about birdorable's fetching thongs, and how they could (at a pinch) be misinterpreted. Having a life-list of over 2000 emblazoned on your nether regions may or may not be a good thing. And as the evidence below shows: it could be much worse. (If you're easily offended look away now)
Now I don't have a dirty mind at all. But it rather occurred to me that there might be a little mileage in the use of the good old Shag gag. No sooner had I tweeted it than my dreams came true. Birders all over the world we bring you...
There are some 300-odd products in the Shag range. Including the priceless maternity range. I implore you all - go and have a look round birdorable's online store. There's something for everyone (not only puerile people like me). Do enjoy!

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