Thursday, 4 December 2008

How Not to Writeup a PhD

Max Whitby here posting from chilly Northumberland. I'm holed up in my cottage on Holy Island (where we occasionally hold BirdGuides planning meetings) writing up the PhD I am researching at Imperial College in London. Just three months away from the finishing line... but to get there I need to complete my thesis (and pass the viva examination).

Plenty of peace and quiet away from our busy office. The only trouble is the birds. Owls and raptors to be specific. Each day I share my lunch with the regular visitor above. Not quite Richard Bedford standards, but not bad given that I filmed the bird through my kitchen window.

Currently the Island is well populated with owls. I've had Barn Owl in my garden and you can see them early in the morning and in the late afternoon hunting along the walls of the grassy fields nearby. And Short-eared Owls are everywhere. There must be at least half a dozen flying throughout these short cold days. Yesterday this one dropped down almost at my feet before flying off straight past the camera lens.
Rumour has it there is also a Long-eared Owl roosting in some conifers nearby. Maybe I'll have a go for it once I write another 2,000 words. Ah well back to work...

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