Friday, 5 December 2008

Worthwhile Whisky

I was going to put an article on the main site - but decided it was a bit too much like free advertising. The Famous Grouse is a familiar name in the UK, and well known for it's cheeky animated adverts. Well now we have the launch of a new cousin - The Black Grouse.

This is worth blogging about as 1) the advert is rather good and 2) 50p for each bottle sold is going to the RSPB. So - basically if you're going to buy a bottle of something to firstfoot* with and don't want to waste good single malt on it - this is the stuff to buy. The premiere of the advert is tonight at 9pm during Ramsay on Channel 4. BUT - I have a teeny version here... what a scoop!


The RSPB are putting the money from sales of the Black Grouse directly towards Black Grouse conservation. More info at

*I appreciate that the English may not be familiar with first footing. It involves Hogmanay, whisky, shortbread and a lump of coal. Further explanation available on request.


behindthebins said...

Super cute ad. If the stuff were available here in the US, I'd buy it on principle, although I am more of a gin girl myself.

gwendolen said...

LOL, love the advert.

Reg The Birder said...

Can't wait to try it!