Sunday, 15 February 2009

How to spend Valentine's night with three men

Go mothing!
Our much-delayed mothing session for February was last night. Myself, Des McKenzie, Andy Culshaw and David Howdon rendezvoused at Perivale and set up three MV Skinner traps, and indulged in a round of sugaring.
Dusking produced a lot of Dotted Borders, an enormous wingless female Pale Brindled Beauty (Hawk-eye Howdon spotted it) and cold hands. Des discovered that catching moths in a net isn't nearly as easy as it looks (and especially not whilst stumbling around in the dark). The sugars for once did in fact produce a moth! (I'm terribly cynical about sugaring) - a white form Satellite.
It's interesting how dusking generally produces different moths that the actual trap. The traps this morning contained Chestnuts, loads of Torticodes alternella, a few Spring Usher, some Pale Brindled Beauties (including a melanic one) and an orange form Satellite.
Satellite - note the orange spot has two wee "moons"
"Normal" and form monacharia Pale Brindled Beauties. As ever sorry about the quality of the pics. I'm still resisting a real camera.

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Wren said...

I guess it's a PG evening, with that many chaperons checking out your trap. :)