Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lapwing Slaughter - shocking YouTube video

I've just had the following video brought to my attention. The accompanying text reads:

Despite a dramatic population decline in the EU the Lapwing is still listed as a huntable bird species in the european directive for the protection of birds. The result: More than half a million lapwings are killed by hunters and trappers in France, Spain and Italy each year. The Committee against bird slaughter (CABS) is working for a better protection of the Lapwing in Europe and demands that hunting of this species will be banned in the whole EU.
The video shows Lapwing trappers in the Aisne valley (France). Birds on passage are deceived by an apparently ideal roosting biotope of artificial ponds with small islands, shallow water zones and live Lapwing decoys. No sooner have the birds landed than they trapped in clap nets of up to 200 m² in area. These protected birds, which are on the Red List of endangered species throughout Europe, are later grilled and served as "Vanneaux à la crème".

Copyright: CABS / Komitee gegen den Vogelmord, Dipl.-Biol. Axel Hirschfeld

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Mike Maunsell said...

Thanks for highlighting the plight of Lapwings in Europe. Given that the EU commission underlined the importance of biodiversity protection in its adoption of "Halting Biodiversity Loss by 2010" this slaughter is totally unacceptable. I have made all my students aware of the video and encouraged them to register their protest.
Mike Maunsell

IndianWildlifeClub said...

I was stumped to see the video. Lapwings? What do they do with them? Whatever can we gain by stopping their lovely cries heralding rain?