Thursday, 19 February 2009

Number crunching

Various people have suggested to me that I should change the 0800 number for reporting sightings to one that is inclusive on mobile price plans. It turns out there's a new set of numbers beginning 03 that allows you to do exactly that. You can read about 03 numbers over at the ofcom page.

So - I've swapped. The new number is 0333 577 2473. I was stuck with the first five digits, but the last 4 spell BIRD on your keypad. Cunning huh? Sadly it costs 4p a minute to ring this number from a land-line, but I think that the vast majority of you will want to ring up immediately from the field. If it's the sort of sighting that can wait til you get back to the house - then you can always email it ( or use the webform. Actually, we rather like it if you use the webform for non-urgent sightings as it makes our life slightly easier.

Also - you can text your sighting if you so desire to 07786 200505 - but remember to stick BIRDS RPT at the start or we don't get it. For Bird Text Alert users you get three text credits for every sighting you send; so it's worth doing. Our news is only as good as you make it - so please send it in.

Anyway - let me know what you think. It's not too late to keep the 0800 number, and I aim to please!

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