Thursday, 5 March 2009

Further Frogs

Max Whitby here.  I'm on my way back to London after an enjoyable but arduous 10 days on Holy Island (nearly) finishing my PhD thesis.  A final heave should see the first draft complete.  Disconcerting to be approaching the end of my research project after almost 3.5 years.
Still plenty of owls on the Island.  I see them every time I go for a walk. Both Barn Owls and Short-eared Owls hunting by day.  The afternoons seem to be the best time to catch them.  Plenty of frogs up north too.  My garden pond is a writhing, croaking frogfest.  And one of the temporary ponds at the end of the Straight Lonnen (well known to visiting birders as THE place to be after a fall in migration season) is full of spawn in remarkable profusion.  There are at least 100 clumps (is that the right word?) like the ones pictured.  In past years I have also had newts in the same pool, but none spotted so far this season.


Alan Tilmouth said...

I wonder whether the early morning temp at -4c here today will have any effect on the spawn.

Max Whitby said...

Yes the frost was so heavy this morning it looked like snow had fallen. Bet the frog spawn contains some kind of antifreeze. Maybe they can metabolise just enough to keep from turning to ice. Hmm... time to consult New Naturalist #87.