Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Butterflies land on the app store!

Just a quicky. We're all FAR too excited for words. After jumping through all of Apple's myriad hoops, our new iPhone app has just hit the iTunes store. I won't go into all the tedious things you have to do to get on the store, but I have several additional grey hairs because of the whole thing.

You can find this shiny new app here. Thanks to the wonderful MisterG for telling me how to do cunning iTunes links. We have lots of plans for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can read more here. Also - I'm always interested in your ideas for things we should be developing. Please do let me know via the comments.


Kestrel Cam said...

Congratulation on getting it passs the Apple app police!

A native UK bird id guide is top of my wish list, please.

Harry said...

I've got some thoughts about the Butterfly app here:


Harry said...

Sorry, I assumed it would automatically make that URL into a link. The thoughts are here.