Thursday, 23 April 2009

German, PBF's and a Robinson

It's been a busy old week. Yesterday I was visited by lovely Golo Maurer, who is a proper ornithologist, and who recorded lots of species names in flawless German for me. What a star (I have plans to do a German version of iDentify). It all went very well until Heathrow started routing flights too close to the building and we had a bit of a stop-start time of it. Oh and pigeons having noisy sex on the roof. The aforementioned rats with wings have made a nest between my neglected window boxes and the window shutter.I also went and filmed the first Pearl Bordered Fritillary of the year. Hurrah. This is a species that I managed to miss last year, so it's good to get it in the bag. We also managed some more Orange-tip, and lots of ovipositing Bee-flys (Bombylius major). Did you know that Pearl Bordered Fritillaries have blue eyes? No neither did I til I watched the footage back.

So - an exciting parcel arrived for me today. I finally decided to grit my teeth and buy a Robinson moth trap. I'm told it's a bit like buying good binoculars. Initially painful on the pocket but worthwhile in the grand scheme of things. I shall report back after it's christening at the Black Park mothing session on Saturday.

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Born Again Bird Watcher said...

Wow - that is quite an impressive moth trap. Such devices are almost impossible to find here in the U.S. (not a lot of mothing going on... partly due to the lack of any guide even close to the quality of Waring Townsend, and Lewington's Field Guide to the Moths).