Monday, 18 May 2009

Patch babies!

It seems like a while since I last ranted about exactly how terrible my patch is. You'll all be delighted to hear that my total is now 42 for the year (Swift and Chiffy being the predictable additions). I did have a VERY exciting Hobby trying to catch Swifts the other day.

Anyway - reason for post is my new discovery. The Great Spotted Woodpeckers have exceedingly noisy babies. All spring I watched them excavate five or six holes and wondered which one they would use. Then yesterday I found the nest completely by accident somewhere I hadn't noted them excavating. How bizarre. The nest isn't very high up at all - so I'm off to point the camera at them shortly. Youtubery to follow if results are any good.

My other new addition to patch list was a Bombus hypnorum. This is a recent coloniser from the continent (yet another global warming addition). I've seen them as far north as Northants, but they're still fairly thin on the ground. It's a pretty bumble - ginger thorax, black stripe and a divine white bum. They are busier than some of the bumbles, and systematically do adjacent flower heads without pausing. Bumbles all behave differently, which I didn't realise til I started filming the tricky blighters. They all have their own jizz.
Other patch report of note - still no ducklings on fetid beer-can pond, but now seven grumpy male Mallards. What on earth is going on? No mothing this weekend - but I did find this in me porch. I was initially worried it was a pug (which I'm useless at identifying) - but I reckon it's a Small Dusty Wave.

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