Friday, 22 May 2009

Top secret

I'm REALLY privileged to have a network of fantastic birders who are willing to share their top-secret filming opportunities with me on the understanding that I don't grass them up - and that I look after their birds. Last night I received a classified email that sent me scampering out of the office as soon as the post had been and I could escape the confines of horrid Acton.
So here we are. We were desperately short of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker female for some reason. Max "shot" beautiful male a couple of years back thanks to another of our agents in the midlands. I know he'll read this - so thanks! it's much appreciated.
These are some cropped grabs. I could have got closer but didn't want to disturb the birds in any way so hung back on big lens, and scarpered back to London as soon as I could. Lesserspots are in terrible decline in the UK for reasons that are poorly understood. This particular pair look well on target to do their bit for the population.Here is agent 0013 in the field. I've been trying to teach him digibinning which is why he's clutching binoculars between his knees. He's either fallen asleep or is avoiding the camera. Perhaps I should have photoshopped his tattoos.

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Alan Tilmouth said...

Can we all have numbers please? I knew my reference to Max as a Professor X type figure was close to the truth.