Monday, 26 October 2009

More green leps

It's an appallingly long time since I last managed to blog. It's desperately busy with pre-Christmas tasks, the usual background of running the website and a company meeting on Holy Island - but that's really no excuse.

The past few weeks have seen me filming David Lindo over at the London Wetland Centre, a trip out to film Queen of Spain Fritillaries and the infestation of my porch with Harlequins.Look - annoying critters. They're spreading like wildfire - and are surely the commonest ladybird in London now. Luckily for them they're in an unreachable corner of my porch.

October mothing at Perivale produced several lovely Feathered Thorns, Red-line Quakers, Bricks, November Moths and this beautiful Red-green Carpet:
Tomorrow I'm off to Broadcasting House to be interviewed for Radio Four. Good grief. Has no-one warned them about my impenetrable Scottish accent? Last time I looked radio didn't come with subtitles...