Monday, 26 October 2009

More green leps

It's an appallingly long time since I last managed to blog. It's desperately busy with pre-Christmas tasks, the usual background of running the website and a company meeting on Holy Island - but that's really no excuse.

The past few weeks have seen me filming David Lindo over at the London Wetland Centre, a trip out to film Queen of Spain Fritillaries and the infestation of my porch with Harlequins.Look - annoying critters. They're spreading like wildfire - and are surely the commonest ladybird in London now. Luckily for them they're in an unreachable corner of my porch.

October mothing at Perivale produced several lovely Feathered Thorns, Red-line Quakers, Bricks, November Moths and this beautiful Red-green Carpet:
Tomorrow I'm off to Broadcasting House to be interviewed for Radio Four. Good grief. Has no-one warned them about my impenetrable Scottish accent? Last time I looked radio didn't come with subtitles...


cindyzlogic said...

Curious looking bugs...I have never seen the like. The moth pic is super beautiful...thanks for sharing!

Born Again Bird Watcher said...

The Red Green Carpet photo is amazing!