Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dreaming Spires Day

(thanks for the dreaming spires image en:User:Diliff)

To Oxford and a most interesting symposium on "birds, culture and conservation" organised by Paul Jepson and Mark Cocker. There is a blog associated with the event. Paul's home page should soon have a link. The day was filled with a marvellous miscellany of short talks on subjects including birding in ancient Greece, the bleeding pelican emblem, high class ornithological haiku poetry, and the astonishing difference between the testicles of a Bullfinch and an Aquatic Warbler. I gave an account of how technology has helped to shape some aspects of birding over the past 15 years. And for general amusement we disinterred this historic first-ever BirdGuides home page from 1996.

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