Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Moths and mushrooms

November mothing is always cold and miserable, but has the merits of 1) trap opening is at a civilised hour in the morning and 2) mushrooming can be productive. This weekend was no exception. We set two Skinners, my Robinson and the heath trap, and whilst meandering around Perivale wood with trailing cables I found a lovely patch of Wood Blewitts (amongst other less edible species). Hooray.

Mottled UmberWinter Moth

Dusking was a story of Winter Moths. They were everywhere to the point that we stopped counting. Trap opening in the morning resulted in Scarce and Mottled Umbers, The Chestnut, an orange Satellite, a December Moth and more Winter Moths. A good haul given the conditions.

So on Saturday night I took my life in my hands and had blewitts on toast (don't worry I didn't consume the unidentified Agaricus). I have to report that they were completely delicious. And more than 36 hours have passed and I'm still here. I'm told their might be Ceps in Kensington Gardens...

I leave you with the astonishingly bright rainbow that appeared over Queensway on Sunday lunchtime. Apologies for the duff iPhone pic.

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