Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The big screen!

I've had an intriguing day. Thanks to lovely Mull birders and David Lindo, I was asked to provide some "atmospheric" bird footage for a proper feature film! I was briefed to think "winter, mysterious, magical, spooky, islands" - so came up with some hunting Short-eared Owl, soaring White-tailed Eagle, some Common Seals, a flock of Twite and some dusk Barn Owl. But exactly the bits that hit the BirdGuides cutting room floor. They wanted all the dark and too-distant bits.

I was invited over to Soho today to watch the embryonic film so that I could get a flavour of the piece. The film (Island) is a psychological thriller, and stars Colin Morgan (he of Merlin fame), the wonderfully cast Janet McTeer and Natalie Press. It was fascinating to see a "proper" film being made, and our footage really brought the island to life. I need to supply some more bits and bobs - some moon footage, and a few moths, and flying Cormorant (which is a key part of the film bizarrely). Anyway - I'll let you know when I'm at the red carpet premiere...

I leave you with a much more humble offering: bouncy Jack Snipe from the previous post.

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info said...

Hi, don't be put off keep up the good work. I am in the process of writing a drama script about birds of prey persecution. Anyone interested can contact me - including Merlin!