Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Kensington Tawny Owls

Yes another sure sign of Spring: the Kensington Gardens Tawny Owls have produced a remarkable four baby owlets. That is pretty good going considering the hard winter. Clearly this posh West London neighbourhood (convenient for Harrods) is well provisioned with juicy Starlings, plump pigeons and no doubt the odd tasty rat.

An early Saturday morning filming expedition to the park soon brought success in the form of one adult, one anti-social owlet all on its own, and the three young Tawnies pictured jammed together on a uncomfortably small branch. Some hilarious footage was obtained of them fidgeting about and generally playing sardines. I'll hopefully put a clip up on the BirdGuides YouTube channel in the next couple of days and post an update here.

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Carol said...

I always feel so lucky when I can spot and photograph the young. They grow so fast.