Friday, 30 April 2010

Lavatory art in Northumberland

The BirdGuides webzine is a bit full at the moment, but we couldn't resist posting this story somewhere...

A public lavatory in Seahouses, Northumberland, is the unlikely location for an interesting piece of public art. Two eight-foot billboards tall will be on display for the next five months, showing off two of the region's characteristic birds.

The two birds were chosen for a specific reason: Eider symbolises the sea and Yellowhammer represents the land. As the 'Gateway to the Farne Islands', Eider is a typical species of the area and an ideal species for the installation.

The artwork has been created by Seahouses' appointed Visiting Artist Stuart Mugridge. The art project has been developed by Inspire Northumberland and the Seahouses Development Trust (Chief Executive, and avid ornithologist, Jon Riley is below) with support from the Rural Development Programme for England. Artist Stuart Mugridge said "Seahouses is an interesting place to work and visit that has evolved down the years, with its contrast of heritage, wildlife and working harbour."

Stuart talks about what values he hopes people will gain from experiencing the billboards. He said: "I hope my new work generates a genuine public response; getting people to stop and think about their personal surroundings and to create a taste of things to come in the coastal village."

Photos courtesy of David Williams Photography.

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