Thursday, 27 May 2010

Birds At Our Feet

Yes it is none other than BirdGuides Technical Director John Cromie WITHOUT HIS BEARD! According to rumour it lasted 20 years. We hardly recognise him.
It is that time of year again when baby birds are to be found lurking underfoot in the hope of being fed. Even this baby Magpie on my doorstep manages to look endearing, despite having been fattened on a diet of local song birds. In fact, with ironic justice, I am pretty sure it was turfed out of its happy home (and its siblings probably consumed) by the pair of Carrion Crows nesting in my improbably tall poplars. Certainly there was an extraodinary racket and commotion yesterday morning, just before the appearance of this stray.

And in related news...

We found this headless pigeon Rock Dove the other day outside the offices of a leading PR company near Kensington Gardens. What does it signify? Probably that Peregrines are roosting in Lady Di's former abode.

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