Saturday, 15 May 2010

Graduating to a grown-up camera

Oh dear. It had to eventually happen. I've finally had enough of my out-of-focus iPhone pics and succumbed to a proper camera of the dslr variety. So a short butterflying sortie was planned for this morning for practice. I'm fairly pleased with the results. I've yet to work out what to do about processing so these are unadulterated.

Crab Spider lurking in Bluebells

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Some sort of hoverfly. Answers welcome.

Duke of Burgundy

So a successful morning's work. Alarmingly I'm only just starting to work out the sheer expense of memory cards and bits and monopods and lenses and other stuff that's needed to do a good job. Sigh.

This evening is National Moth Night, so I'm about to wander off to Perivale Woods with the Robinson. I predict lots of moff pics in the morning.


holdingmoments said...

Very impressive shots. Even more so if these are straight out of the camera. Excellent.
Canon power! :)

Can't help with the ID though.

ADRIAN said...

These are superb, the hoverfly is Syrphus Ribesii, 80% sure.

Ben Lewis said...

Very good shots, I'll second Adrian's hoverfly ID as syrphus Ribesii

BirdGuides said...

You're all far too kind - *blush*. Many thanks for the HF id.