Saturday, 21 August 2010

Boys from the Birdstuff

Hopefully you are following the video reports we are posting from Birdfair 2010. Anyone familiar with the process of shooting and editing will know that creating these sequences in a live environment such as the three-day event here at Rutland Water, can be a hairy process. Or in fact not so hairy as your can see below.

The one on the right is ace editor Sam Woolf, the as yet relatively hairy one in the middle is assistant producer Stephen Menzie and the one sensibly cleaning his lens on the left (check out David Lindo's introductory report) is director/cameraperson Richard Chambers.

Here is Richard with his prosthetic XL-H1a hob-nobbing with distinguished literary gentleman Dominic Couzens. In fact Richard has had a long association with BirdGuides. Back in the days when he had long flowing hair, he produced an early version of our CD-ROM Guide to All The Birds of Europe... long since metamorphosed into BWPi 2.0. Today Richard is a widely-experienced natural history producer, having made numerous films for international broadcasters including the BBC Natural History Unit. We are very honoured to have him lead our Birdfair video team.

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