Monday, 27 September 2010

Spanish Glossy Ibis

While we wait for full details of the origins of most of the flock of Glossy Ibis that toured Hants and Kent, here's one we do know. R9T was one of the original 18 on the Otter estuary, then moving to Avonmouth, where it's been very obliging.

So much so that a couple of people have managed to read the bird's metal ring (7113171), proving it to be a Spanish bird. It's a bit hard to read, but you can make out part of what actually says "MINIST. MEDIO AMBIENTE, ICONA MADRID". Most of the birds in last year's influx were also Spanish, ringed in the nest at DoƱana in the south of the country. One was from Camargue, France, though (flying round with two Spanish birds) so you can't just assume...

Thanks to Mick Colquhoun for sending on the photos of the ring.

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