Monday, 18 October 2010

Another colour-ringed bird evades me!

I've just heard details of yet another colour-ringed bird on the Hayle estuary that I've managed to miss. This was a Greylag Goose, which admittedly doesn't sound like the most exciting of sightings, but this one was sporting a neck collar. It had been originally ringed in southern Sweden in June 2000 and had previously been seen in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

It then popped up in Northumberland in February 2010, before wandering to North Yorkshire, Bedfordshire, Essex four days later, Aberdeenshire four days later and then Kent. It was then an unusual addition to the seawatching tally at Porthgwarra, Cornwall, on 9th October before gracing the Hayle four days later.

So next time you see a lowly Greylag Goose, stop and think where it might be from. And if you're lucky enough to see one with a neck collar or colour ring then report it online via

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