Friday, 5 November 2010

Continental visitor to Staines

I know it doesn't sound very likely, but an office twitch for a Lapland Bunting at Staines Reservoir last month produced an interesting aside. A female Tufted Duck there was sporting a blue 'nasal saddle'.

We've just got the details back from the scheme and the bird was ringed way back in July 2005 at Jubilan in western France. It had only been seen locally up to 12 January 2007 and then disappeared.

View Staines' Tuftie in a larger map

It's a bit surprising a bird with a big obvious saddle on its beak could go missing, but there we go! I also wonder how many of the others Lap Bunt twitchers saw and reported the bird...


Chris said...

Another Tufted female ringed on 15/1/2010 at Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu - blue nasal A94 was seen at Maple Lodge NR, Herts on 15/10/10

Paul Lewis said...

I was very fortunate to observe both saddle ringed birds and have a photo of the Maple Lodge bird on my blog.