Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Extreme vis-mig

I've flogged Bird Observatories for many an autumn and seen some pretty impressive falls of birds, but NOTHING has ever even come close to this!

Higbee Dike morning flight 10/29/2010 from Steven Bauer on Vimeo.

The video was shot at Higbee Beach, in Cape May, New Jersey this autumn. Now I've also birded Higbee beach and I assure you it isn't always quite so good. This really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the birders there.

But we've yet to see a big fall of Goldcrest or Blackbird on the east coast, so maybe it's not too late to pop along to Spurn, Gib or Flamborough...


Matt Latham said...

Amazing sight

firlebirds said...

Someone turned vis mig up to 11.

Did any birders pass out?