Friday, 21 January 2011

Wanderings of LAOL:RAOM

You may have seen a while ago that we published a summary of the wanderings of a colour-ringed Great White Egret on our webzine - if not, why not register for free right now? The map of its journey back then is below:

View French Great White Egret in a larger map

But this bird popped up again recently when Michael Colquhoun sent us this great photo of the bird, which is currently at Ham Wall RSPB reserve in Somerset. This does seem to be its final stop-off for the winter, and it joins at least another four birds in the area. Considering Great White Egret was still a nationally rare bird as recently as 2006, a wintering FLOCK is quite amazing.

For info, this bird was ringed as a nestling in May 2009 at Besne, in Loire Atlantique, France. LAOL:RAOM is simply its colour-combination (left above, Orange over Lime etc...).

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