Monday, 14 March 2011

Cetti's on the move

Cetti's Warblers generally don't do much of interest, so it was with some surprise that Pemrokeshire Ringing Group recaught two ringed birds this winter at Kilpaison Marsh. These were both birds that had moved over 300km, which is quite exceptional for a Cetti's! One had been ringed in June 2010 at Bainton (Cambridgeshire) and the other at Marsworth (Hertfordshire) in June 2007, both being recaught at Kilpaison in October/November 2010. Long movements of Cetti's Warblers are very unusual indeed, and these are the longest within the UK.

Incredibly there was also a record of a Belgian-ringed Cetti's (ringed in August 2009) recaught at Holme Pierrepont (Nottinghamshire) in October 2010! This is the third from Belgium to be found here, with other recoveries of birds ringed in France (3) and the Channel Islands (2).

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