Friday, 25 March 2011

Eilat spring migration festival 2011 - day 6

This morning I joined the Uvda Valley tour and, under grey skies and with strong winds, headed up into the mountain valley. We soon found a large mixed flock of larks, mostly Thick-billed and Short-toed though with some Bimaculated mixed in. Trumpeter Finches were also mingling amongst the flock.
A female Citrine Wagtail, a female Namaqua Dove and a Collared Pratincole were at the sewage works; the fields nearby were very productive with several Red-throated Pipits, Woodchat Shrikes, Wrynecks, a mixed flock of yellow wagtails (mostly Black-headed with one 'superciliaris' and at least one flava/beema-type), an Ortolan Bunting and two Cretzschmar's Buntings.
At Yotvata, the fields contained several more Red-throated Pipits along with Water Pipits; a Lesser Short-toed Lark called in briefly, a Booted Eagle dropped down on some prey nearby, and an Oriental Skylark gave fantastic 'scope views as it fed in the cut grass.
The evening was spent back at Yotvata. Three species of bird were seen - Stone Curlew, Pharaoh Eagle Owl, and, oddly, Isabelline Wheatear. The owl gave stunning views. We also scored with several mammal species: many Cape Hares, three Jackals, a Red Fox, and three Desert Hedgehogs.

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