Sunday, 10 April 2011

April mothing

Yesterday evening was spent in the delightful Perivale Woods, setting up moth traps followed by a session of 'dusking' (running around with a net catching anything that happens to fly in front of you) and 'sugaring' (wandering around checking 'sugar' baited tree trunks, generally failing to find any moths).

Species encountered on our dusking tour of the woods included an Early Thorn, some lacewings (including a tiiiiiiny white one), several very attractive Lunar Marbled Browns that had already been attracted in to the traps:

a Nuctenea umbratica (we think):

And a European Hedgehog:

We were back this morning to check the traps. Plenty of Eriocrania subpurpurella:

Quite a few Brindled Pugs, too:

Some Hebrew Characters:

An Oak Beauty:

An Early Thorn:

And, excitingly, a new species for the site: Pine Beauty. It's nationally quite common and widespread but its absence from Perivale can be explained by the scarcity there of its foodplant - pine.

Messrs Howdon, Culshaw & Whitby photograph the Pine Beuaty:

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