Thursday, 7 April 2011

Owls, Duck and Rice

I feel guilty posting so soon after Mark's piece about the wandering White-tailed Eagle yesterday. So please scroll down if you have not yet read it. However I bring dramatic news from South Kensington...

Yes I mean No – negative news regarding the Kensington Garden Tawny Owls. Traditionally at this time of year a fresh crop of baby owlets make their appearance... "branching" as the phenomenon is known. There are just a few days when the baby owls are on show, yet the leaves have not fully appeared on the trees to obscure them. The beautiful Spring weather prompted us to take a look, and sure enough we soon found a crown of like-minded London Birders. No luck. We searched all trees but no trace. Misery.

And then as we trudged forlornly out of the park, we received a call from none other than Des McKenzie, the King of Kensington Gardens himself. The birds had been located...

Here is the proof: a dodgy digi-bin on Stephen's iPhone.

And so we headed off for a celebratory ornithological lunch.

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