Thursday, 2 June 2011


Finding a notable species is always nice. The other day, in my garden in Liverpool, I noticed a Tree Bumblebee Bombus hypnorum; I was aware that the species, first seen in the UK a decade ago, was spreading north so guessed the sightings would most likely be "of note" since, I presumed, this individual would be somewhere near the north of the species' range.

Bombus hypnorum

I sent off the details of the record to BWARS who very kindly sent me back some information about the species. Below is a map, up to date as of last Thursday.

I have added the location of my record in blue onto what was previously an empty space. So, Bombus hypnorum is certainly a recent arrival in this area!

Over the next few days I kept an eye out for more, and indeed I managed to find plenty more; it seems the Tree Bumblebee may not be that rare in Liverpool after all, perhaps just overlooked.

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