Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You cannot be serious?!

As Murray mania grips the nation, it seems that even birds of prey aren’t immune to the draw of Wimbledon. RSPB staff in Scotland were stunned to find a tennis ball in one Red Kite nest at the beginning of this year’s world famous tournament.

Image: Ewan Weston

Red Kites are well-known for lining their nest with items taken from humans. In recent years, experts have found many weird and wonderful things including underwear, tea towels, lottery tickets, socks and an England flag.

If you want to see a Red Kite yourself, why not visit one of the RSPB's Date with Nature viewing sites? They are all around the UK and also include viewing sites for other birds of prey like Peregrine Falcons and Ospreys. For more information visit

Live images of a Red Kite nest in Aberdeen can be viewed the RSPB website.


Cheryl said...

To Cool! I never knew they used "human items" in their nest. Why do they?

Susanna Hartigan said...

Incredible! They remind me of a couple of hippies.