Friday, 8 July 2011


There be dragons in the BirdGuides office this week. We've been busily putting the finishing touches to our new Dragonflies & Damselflies of Britain & Ireland app, based on the wonderful book by Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash.

With a window in the weather yesterday, we dashed out of the office to try a bit of app field testing... and to catch up with a species that was new for all of us in the process.

Completely red abdomen, dark thorax, red eyes, reddish legs and reddish pterostigma... It must be a Small Red Damselfly! And thankfully our app agrees.

They were surprisingly common and showed well, until the sun went behind a cloud at which point they would instantly melt away into the vegetation.

Also on site were Keeled Skimmer:

...Emerald Damselfly:

...and Black Darter:

Other stuff on site included this tiny Palmate Newt:

And several species of insectivorous plant. Butterwort sp.:

...Round-leaved Sundew:

...and Narrow-leaved Sundew

Huge thanks to Betty at QinetiQ, without whom our visit wouldn't have been possible.

And for more news on Dragonflies app, keep watching this space... or follow us on Twitter @BirdGuides for the very latest.

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