Saturday, 2 July 2011

Emperor Penguin twitch

It was with great interest that we read an email from New Zealand resident Detlef Davies. Detlef wrote:
As a former 70s to 90s twitcher now living in New Zealand, I thought you might be interested in this twitch from down under. My wife & I made the 1,989 km (c.1,250 mile) round trip from the Far North to Pekapeka Beach near Wellington to see the imm Emperor Penguin on Thurs 23 June, the day before it was taken into care. It is only the second record, the first was in 1967. Here are a couple of pics. Most of the people are locals. Only c.30 birders went to see it.

A real mammoth twitch! To put the distance into perspective, a trip from Scilly to Shetland would only just notch up 1,000 miles on the clock. And can you imagine the scenes if a second record of such a magnificent beast turned up in the UK? I'm quite sure there'd be more than 30 birders willing to travel to see it!

Both images - Detlef Davies

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Thomas said...

That penguin looks very cute! It doesn't seem so bothered with all those people around it. I wanna go to New Zealand and see them for myself!

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