Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cuckoo Martin moves south

All five of the BTO Cuckoos have been settled around their current locations for some time now, making short feeding trips in and out of their respective areas.  However, in the last couple of days Martin has travelled 350 km (200 miles) south and is now on the northern edge of the Congo rainforest.
Could Martin be nearing his wintering grounds?  The one-and-only previous record of a British Cuckoo south of the Saharah came from a ringing recovery of a bird wintering in Cameroon; not a million miles away from Martin's current destination. It's expected that the other four Cuckoos will also move south at some point (or, in the case of Lyster—who is still in west Africa—east and then south) but, as has already been seen with so much of what these Cuckoos have done, the expected isn't always what happens! As ever, keep an eye on the BTO Cuckoo pages for all the latest news.

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