Saturday, 10 September 2011

Less honking, more tweeting!

It’s traditionally used to follow friends, famous faces and keep abreast of current affairs but this Autumn RSPB Scotland is using Twitter to track the arrival of thousands of wintering geese by tweeting with the hashtag #goosewatch.

Reports of sightings are already coming in through the social networking site with RSPB Loch of Strathbeg reporting a large flock over the reserve on Friday morning. Last year, the reserve recorded one of the biggest flocks in the UK with up to 70,000 geese using the reserve as a night-time roost.

Pink-footed Geese at dawn Duncan Goulder

Wintering geese traditionally start to arrive in mid-September, with numbers reaching their peak in October. RSPB Scotland is inviting anyone with a Twitter account to share their goose sightings or pictures by using the #goosewatch hashtag. You can follow RSPB Scotland on Twitter @RSPB Scotland. Those without a Twitter account can email sightings through

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Bob Bushell said...

Dawn is my time of getting ready to find birds. And, Geese are the best at that time.