Friday, 28 October 2011

'My' Cuckoo crosses the equator

Back in August, I sponsored one of the BTO's sattelite-tagged Cuckoos; I decided to sponsor Kasper since, at the time, he wasn't getting much attention.  Lyster was still in the UK, Clement was making waves by taking a westerly route through Iberia, and the other two birds – Martin and Chris – had taken what looked, on paper, to be exciting routes.  Kasper, on the other hand, had taken a seemingly boring route of straight lines down through Italy and into Africa.  In actual fact, though, this route had taken Kasper over the high Alps and across one of the widest stretches of the Sahara.  With knowledge of this, his route didn't seem so boring any more!

In another exciting addition to Kasper's journey, news came today that he has rocketed south from his last location and is now residing south of the equator.

In other Cuckoo news, Lyster – despite being the last Cuckoo to leave the UK – has now leap-frogged Clement and has headed south as far as Equatorial Guinea.  Both Martin and Chris are still in the Congo rainforest, whilst Clement has stayed in Nigeria.

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