Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Portugal - day 3

This morning started much as yesterday did, less the Azure-winged Magpies and with the addition of a Little Owl and a Blue Rock Thrush.
Red-rumper over breakfast

Then we stepped things up a gear (ha) and headed for... the steppes.

Again, I'm keeping this brief since we're only just back at the hotel after our evening meal and I'm quite keen to get off to bed.

Despite the 34 °C temperatures, the birding has once again been fantastic.  We started with another Black Vulture, Calandra Larks and good numbers of Black-bellied Sandgrouse.

Soon we came across four eagles in the sky above us; two Bonelli's and two Spanish Imperial!

Spanish Imperials make Bonelli's look like tiddlers...

Then we had excellent views of Great Bustard.
This is uncropped:
Damn autofocus!

And here's what (predictably) happened next:

Thankfully these birds were slightly more co-operartive, though they were more distant (this photo has been cropped):

Two Hen Harriers and some Little Bustards were soon added to the day list.

Here are the two species in the same photograph. You might have to trust me on the Little Bustard part:

Good numbers of Red Kite were seen over the day, after a bit of searching we managed to find a late Lesser Kestrel, and we finished the day with absolutely stunning views of an immature Spanish Imperial Eagle perched on the ground.

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