Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hula Valley Bird Festival - day 3

An even briefer update this evening than the last two nights; we're off out again in a minute for a posh 12 (yes, twelve) course meal!

Another excellent day in the field, this time on the Med. coast at Maagan Michael.  Lots of all three Kingfishers, Citrine Wagtails, Temminck's Stints etc etc. and some decent gull flocks to search through.  The small gull flocks were made up of Black-headed and Slender-billed with three 1st year Med Gulls hidden amongst them.  The larger gulls were mostly Armenian with one (presumed) adult Baltic; also a few showing a varying number of "Caspian-like" features, though I'm not convinced any of them were anything other than [slightly atypical] armenicus (but feel free to disagree!).